AY39 Alloy yachts (previous project)

  • All the hydraulic systems on board incorporating 670kW of installed hydraulic power.
  • Specifying all the hydraulic hardware including the design and development of new control blocks for the 120 tonne lifting keel, two 150 kW thrusters and 7-off 30 tonne sailing winches.
  • Specifying drive train hardware, propellers, 2-off main engines and transmissions, couplings and ensuring all classification requirements met.
  • Design and specification of the pneumatic supply and all pneumatic control circuits on board.
  • Design of the Passarelle rear boarding platform

HMNZS Canterbury -Marine Industrial Design (Previous project)

  • Baseline and feasibility studies into various mechanical upgrades

Heron Construction

  • Modular barge components and couplings design, stress analysis, winch replacement components, portal crane upgrade

RV Tangaroa NIWA

  • Technical analysis and report on performance of auxiliary generator transmission bearing

Mechanical Systems

  • Hydraulic fault finding 10 T captive winches

  • Pneumatic fault finding saloon ranch slider

  • Hydraulic system design tracked vehicle

  • Sea chest raw water cooling upgrade

  • Technical Mechanical engineering support; source damage and obsolescent replacement mechanical parts, hydraulic and equipment,

3D Printing

  • Prototype furniture, style, geometry, stress and deflection analysis 

  • Prototype Kill switch 

  • Business 3D logo 

  • Replacement light fittings

  • Investment casting molds